Stellar Cellars

Individually designed, hand crafted, always cherished

Stellar Cellars is the manufacturer of the highest quality, handcrafted wine storage cellars for inividuals that want to showcase their wine collections as well as their lifestyle. Every wine cellar we create is custom designed to fit the wine collector's needs and wine storage space. Whether the wine cellar is large or small it will be a place people will be drawn or enticed to spend time.

Stellar Cellars wine racks are built to a higher standard than the average as can be seen in our gallery. We realize that when it comes to investing in a wine cellar you want a product that exemplifies your lifestyle and personality as well as making sure that your collection is maintained in a safe environment. To insure that those conditions are met, the wine racking by Stellar Cellars is designed to be earthquake resistant as well as mold and mildew resistant and the wine racking is put together with dowels and glue. Wine collecting has been around for hundreds of years. It is not a fad. Wine racks built by Stellar Cellars are designed to go for the long haul.

Stellar Cellars collaborates with builders architects and interior designers to create wine cellars that compliment the style of the home and provide ideal conditions for the wine to slumber. To store wine safely it needs to be protected form excessive heat, light and vibration.

Why build a wine cellar? You can live a perfectly happly life without ever drinking older wine, but you can have a happier life if you are able to lay some bottles of wine down in a wine cellar and let them mature. Just a couple of years in a cellar will smooth out the tannins and make the wine much more pleasurable. That applies to wines made with grapes other than cabernet sauvignon. Many Pinot Noir wines can develop multiple layers of flavor in just a few years. Even some white wines such as German Riesling and Chardonnays from Burgundy and Chablis cellar very well. Dessert wines can develop wonderful honey and nut flavors. Another fun reason to build a wine cellar with wine racking is having the room to set aside a case of wine and drink one bottle a year and record your observations. You can watch the wine evolve over time. That is really delightful.

Stellar Cellars has worked with serious wine collectors with thousands of bottles and bottles worth thousands for the past 16 years. We enjoy our work of building wine cellars for people because we love wine and love helping others protect their fine wine and enjoy them even more.

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